Absences. Missed days can not be deducted from the tuition. State licensing requires us to engage our staff based on the number of children enrolled. Therefore, no tuition credit can be given for illness, or scheduled holidays. Should a prolonged absence be necessary, you may withdraw your child; a conference with the director is suggested.

    Change of clothes. A complete change of clothing with socks (2 sets for infants and toddlers) is required for each child. Also, at the beginning of the week, please bring a blanket for your child. At the end of the week it will be sent home to be laundered. Be sure to mark all clothing with your child's name or initals. Remember as the seasons change or as your child's size changes to make any necessary replacements.

    Communication and conferences. Parents may call the director with any concerns about their child, the program, etc. at any time. Special conferences can be made as needed. Informal conferences with your child's teacher should be done before or after class hours.

    Confidentiality. All information in the child's files is personal and confidential. No information will be given either orally or in writing about a family or child without parental written consent.

    Discipline. The purpose of discipline is to help a child develop self-control and to learn to assume responsibility for his or her own actions. Therefore, we use positive statements and positive re-inforcements to effectively redirect any negative behavior. Should a child need more than that, a "time-out" period may be initiated. He/she will be removed from the group or activity for 1 minute per year of age. Under no circumstance will corporal punishment be inflicted on any child.

    Emergency. Should an accident or medical emergency occur at the center, we will contact you immediately, call the paramedics, and go to the local hospital with the emergency form you signed and registration papers to authorize treatment.

    Hours. We are open Monday through Friday, 6:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Illness. For you child's protection as well as other children and our staff, you will need to keep you child home if he/she has any of the following: a temperature over 101 orally, diarrhea, vomiting, any undiagnosed or unexplained rashes, sores or discharging eyes, ears or extreme nasal discharge, or contagious disease. For more information about the Red Wagon illness policy click here.

    Medication. We will administer any current prescribed medication that is in the original container stating the directions for dosage. A medical permission form will need to be filled out and signed authorizing the staff to dispense it. The prescription form from the doctor must include dosage, time of the day to be administered, and number of days needed. In addition, the medication must be handed to a teacher and be in the original container from the pharmacy (no samples brought from doctors can be administered).
    Non-prescription drugs must be accompanied with a physician's note containing the name of the drug, dosage, and time to be given. Many new drugs are now given once or twice per day, so we don't see them. Please let us know when your child is taking such medication, as it helps us monitor any illness going around and we can report any side effects your child might be experiencing. Thanks, we really need your help with this one!

    Naps. After a busy morning, and following lunch, we have a rest period in the afternoon. Please bring a small blanket for your child to use at nap time.

    Personal belongings. If a child wants to bring a special picture, book, record, or nature item to share with the group, that is acceptable. Be sure it is labeled with your child's name. The center can not be responsible for items that get lost or broken.

    Physicals/Medical Forms. Our licensing requires the center to have on file a current medical statement, including an up-to-date immunization report for each child. If coming from another center, this medical form may be transferred if the physical was done within the previous 6 months. The medical history form must be returned to us before your child's admission. It is important that you keep us informed on any additions to your child's immunization record.

    Snacks and lunch. Nutritious snacks of fruit or vegetables or crackers with either milk or juice are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon every day. Our lunch menu is planned for all children able to eat table food. (Formula and baby food is to be provided by parents of infants until the child is able to handle menu food.) Lunch includes a main dish, including protein, a vegetable, fruit, bread, and butter and milk.

    Vacation. Two weeks of vacation will be credited at half-tuition each calendar year.


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