6:45 Greetings, admission, daily inspection. Quiet activities with teacher; free choice.
8:20 Clean-up.
8:30 Outside/ weather permitting or
Indoors--Games, stories or records.
9:00 Handwashing/Snack
9:20 Circle Time--Calender, weather, songs, discussion of day's activities.
9:30 Table Top Activities: Art and/or
Manipulatives--Puzzles, bead stringing etc.
Free Play--Dramatic Play, Blocks, etc.
10:40 Clean-up time by children
10:55 Outdoor Play Time/Large muscle play if indoors (climber, tunnel, balance beam, etc.)
11:30 Story/Music time
11:40 Lunch Preparation.Handwashing--bathroom time
11:45 Lunch
12:15 Quiet Preparation for nap/quiet conversation, bathroom, etc.
12:30-2:30 Nap
2:30 Individual wake-up, dressing, quiet table activities -- small motor skills.
3:00 Handwashing/Snack
3:20 Outdoors--Free play or Indoors -- Music/games
4:30 Free Choice Activities
5:00 Story Time--Books, songs, puppets, fingerplays
5:20 Table toys--Leggos, peg boards, number boards, connect-o's, coloring, etc.
6:00 Dismissal

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